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Looking after yourself – maintaining a healthy lifestyle including eating well, sleeping well and setting aside a time to pursue an activity that you enjoy.

Wellness matters!

Wellness is more than being free from ailments; it’s the active process of making positive changes that lead to a healthy and fulfilling life.

women in power!

Being a woman in power is no easy task, you are constantly subjected to gender expectations while trying to be an effective leader in the corporate world.

Be the best version of you.

Only we can make change

In our society, the impactful contributions of women are threaded into our daily lives. With this thought in mind, A Beautiful Yu was created to celebrate, honour and cherish these various women. Using health and wellness as foundations, A Beautiful Yu aims to help women de-stress their mental, physical and emotional self through retreats, carefully curated workshops and heightened travel experiences. 

Whether you’re a traditional woman or a modern woman on the go, A Beautiful Yu wants to help remind you to love and take care of yourself, inside and out.


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Sharon Joseph

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