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A Beautiful YU story.

Sharon Joseph, is a graduate of York University with a BA in Sociology, who migrated from Trinidad and Tobago 30 years ago. Sharon is the Founder  and Executive Director of a non-profit Social Services and Employment agency, Breakaway Relief Foundation. For over a decade, Sharon has worked as a Social Advocate and Crime Prevention Advocate in the African Canadian community and the Jane Finch area in particular, continually supporting the needs and issues in the heart of the community.

Sharon initiated the concept of a peaceful community in the Jane Finch community using Peace, Love and Unity as a methodology in fostering a caring community. Her outreach education and awareness programs focused on saving our young black men from dropping out of school and becoming wards of the prison system.

In the midst of Sharon’s work within communities and agencies, she has established an annual Peace Walk and Fair in the Jane and Finch community. Sharon developed a memorial of victims as a teaching piece to educate young people of the danger and impact that stems from gun violence.

Her professional expertise includes counselling, education, special needs and social services. In 2003, Sharon founded the not for profit agency, Breakaway Relief Care, which has since then evolved to become a Foundation. Sharon uses her skills and abilities to better other people’s lives, not only in Toronto but throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). As the public and community demand for more programs and services increased, Sharon took the agency to another level.

With many challenges and obstacles, Sharon, a single parent working a full-time job and raising three children, still championed community self-determination in terms of crime prevention. Her inspired leadership facilitated the expansion of Breakaway’s work. Today, Breakaway Relief Foundation is responsible for serving over 500 hundred families.

Sharon has been a vocal leader and volunteer in numerous community development groups in Toronto. She has advocated on issues such as the establishment of the Afrocentric School, peaceful community programming and community policing. In 2011, for her exceptional volunteer work, she received the International Women Achiever’s Award and was also a 2016 recipient of the Black Star Movements Unsung Heroes Social Justice Award. 2016 was also the year Sharon was awarded and historically recorded in the book 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women-2016.

In August 2015, Sharon was chosen as one of the many honourable Torchbearers for Toronto’s first ever Pan Am/ParaPan Am Games.  The recognition highlighted Sharon’s dedicated work and leadership within the community.

As Sharon continues to pursue community advancement, she is currently working on a project with the theme “A Beautiful Yu”, a project with the objective to uplift and motivate women to de-stress their mental physical and emotional self using health and wellness as the motivator. The project will focus on retreats and travel with a positive agenda that demonstrates the love, care and recognition for women in our society.

Moving towards the future, Sharon will continue to pursue community improvement and her consistency will hopefully continue to garner many successes.

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