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Looking after yourself – maintaining a healthy lifestyle including eating well, sleeping well and setting aside a time to pursue an activity that you enjoy.

Managing your time more effectively; using a planner, calendar, phone memos or timers can be very effective

Avoid stress, mental exhaustion and burnout—fatigue affects your ability to work productively

Create time in your week to exercise. There are both physical and health benefits from exercising, such as improving strength and flexibility, reducing risk of heart disease and increase in self-confidence. Exercise is also an effective stress reducer

Treating yourself with kindness – it’s okay to do something you truly enjoy such as eating a delicious meal or spending quality time with family or friends. Do something that will make you feel like you and be happy!

Whether you’re a traditional woman or a modern woman on the go, A Beautiful Yu wants to help remind you to love and take care of yourself, inside and out.

Personal Life

Meal prep a head of time or cook larger meals to last for a few days.

Schedule play dates that benefit yourself and your child (age group, right time, convenient location for all)

Schedule date nights with your significant other or night outs with your friend.

Career Life

Work boundaries

Begin scheduling meetings after a certain time.

I will look at/respond to email at certain times of day, if email is importance specify “Immediate response”


Organize projects in order of importance and those with a condensed timeline.

Company-supported resources.

Take advantage of wellness packages workplace offers, such as social events, on-site amenities (gym), recreational perks.

Remember to always ask for what you need, it’s okay to say no, and good is good enough!


Wellness matters

Wellness is more than being free from ailments; it’s the active process of making positive changes that lead to a healthy and fulfilling life. Maintaining these choices is essential to a higher quality of life. Women often put their wellness last on their to-do list. However, it has been confirmed that when you are doing better personally, all other aspects in your life (family and career) flourish as well.

Self care

It should be your number one job to take time to take care of you. Doing so ensures that you are able to take care of others and your responsibilities.

Throughout the week try to accomplish the following:


Eating healthy is important for a woman’s body and mind. Important dietary needs include carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, and vitamins and minerals. Other major important nutrients include: calcium, folic acids and iron.

In addition to eating nutritional food, it is important to engage in physical activities. Maintaining a healthy weight is an important piece of the puzzle to achieving good health.


women in power

Being a woman in power is no easy task, you are constantly subjected to gender expectations while trying to be an effective leader in the corporate world. Nevertheless, female leaders continue to demonstrate positive influences on organizations as they are more likely to exhibit behaviours related to effective leadership. A Beautiful Yu recognizes that women are incredible when put in positions of power and we want to help women hone and enhance those leaderships skills.  Whether it be through managing a group of employees or remaining equitable and accommodating to the diverse needs of those around you, A Beautiful Yu can help the inner you flourish in a way that’s reflected in your daily successes.

Key Attributes to Keep in Mind:

travel the world

Indulge in all your travel desires all while fulfilling goals of personal development. With our comprehensive travel packages, you can be sure that along with a beautiful destination, uniquely crafted excursions and industry experts will be sure to detoxify your mind and reaffirm the importance of self care.  Conquer all your dreams all while becoming a more beautiful Yu.

life enriching coach

Life has a way of taking unexpected turns, at times getting too difficult, even for the best of us. A Beautiful Yu is committed to helping you get through it, and by booking Sharon Joseph, a certified coach you can begin to de-stress various aspects of your life through intensive one and one coaching. Feel comfort knowing that whichever aspects of life are getting you down; your career, having balance or managing family duties, our certified coach will guide you and help fulfill your emotional goals.

book a workshop

Individual growth is necessary, but educating our peers is imperative to collective development. A Beautiful Yu has workshops curated to inform, educate and reinforce the significant role women play in corporate and casual environments. You can rest assure that the combination of leading guest speakers and proactive women will undoubtedly create inspirational moments that will change the way we think about self care.




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